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Does your heart jump into your throat every time you see an email from your boss in your inbox?

Does your stomach twist in knots before every case meeting?

Do you wake up anxious on Sunday because you know that Monday will bring all your work stress back?

You’re not alone. Lawyers experience particularly high levels of stress and anxiety about their jobs.

Believe it or not, it’s possible to do something about your work stress.

And you don’t have to quit your job to do it.

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Kara Loewentheil, J.D., is a former federal appeals court clerk, reproductive rights litigator, academic, and think tank director who now happily spends her days running a boutique life coaching practice for law students and lawyers. Intimately acquainted with the unique challenges that lawyers face in their professional careers and personal lives, Kara works with her clients in person, by phone, or by video chat to teach them how to deal with stress, anxiety, workplace dissatisfaction, or personal challenges. As a Master Coach, Kara uses cutting-edge cognitive-based techniques to teach her clients how to harness their specially trained lawyer brains. The result is lawyers who feel confident, happy, and excited about their jobs and their lives.

What Clients Say:


When I first started working with Kara, I was suffering from crippling anxiety – I was considering leaving my profession because I thought I wasn’t cut out to be an attorney and I couldn’t handle the stress and pressure. I had difficulty concentrating, difficulty sleeping, panic attacks.

Coaching changed my life. I’m now climbing out of the muddy rut that I’ve been stuck in for the last 10 years of law school and professional work. I am a better attorney and co-worker, and my quality and quantity of work have both improved. It’s a win for everyone.

– Anna B., law firm associate

Your job doesn’t have to determine how you feel every day.
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