Ep #1: One and Done: How to Stop Procrastinating

Welcome to the inaugural episode of The Lawyer Stress Solution, the only podcast that teaches lawyers concrete, practical, and specialized tools for dealing with the stress, anxiety, and pressures unique to a legal career. Tune in each week for cognitive-science based techniques designed specifically for those in the legal profession. You may be surprised at how much more you can enjoy practicing law when you know how to manage your “lawyer brain.”

On this episode, we’re diving into a subject familiar to many lawyers: Procrastination!

Most of us start doing our work at the last minute starting in high school, if not before. By the time we get to law school we’re overloaded with class work, journal work, and other activities, and we never get around to completing work until it’s due the next day. That habit transitions right into the high-paced practice of law. We come to believe that we “work best under a deadline”…but at what cost?

The truth is, the costs are higher than we realize. It wasn’t until I discovered the coaching work that I currently practice and applied it to myself, that I began to understand what was behind my procrastination – why I was doing it – and how to solve it. And only by solving it did I begin to see how much procrastination had been costing me in quality of life and quality of work.

Join me for this episode as I explain how procrastination works, why we procrastinate (it’s not why you think), and how we can rid ourselves of this stressful habit and become better and happier lawyers in the process!


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • My personal experience with procrastination.
  • What procrastination is all about and why it’s so common among lawyers.
  • A new perspective on legal work is stressful.
  • How our brains get in the way of creating positive change.
  • The main triggers of a stress response that causes us to avoid our work.
  • The relationship between procrastination and working best under a deadline.
  • How stress and procrastination affect our work.
  • How to determine the cause of your stress and find the solution.
  • What you gain from resolving procrastination, both for your work and yourself.

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About the author

Kara Loewentheilis a former litigator, academic, and think tank director who now runs a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. As a certified cognitive life coach, her coaching work focuses on teaching lawyers how to reduce stress, improve time management, balance their workload and personal lives, and create a sustainable and enjoyable legal practice. Before launching her coaching practice Ms. Loewentheil ran the Public Rights / Private Conscience Project at Columbia Law School, held academic fellowships at Yale and Columbia, and litigated in state and federal court. Ms. Loewentheil clerked on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and Yale University.

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