Ep #8: Why Are Lawyers So Anxious?

It’s no secret that lawyers suffer from higher rates of anxiety, pessimism, and even substance abuse than comparable professions.

Most lawyers think they know why – but most lawyers are wrong.

A lot of the clients I work with, on top of feeling anxious (or even borderline depressed at times), have a lot of confusion and shame about why they feel that way. They think that their brains are broken or that there’s something wrong with them and it can’t be fixed.

Thankfully, they’re wrong.

There’s a specific set of reasons why lawyers are anxious. On this episode, I go through these reasons and explain why your lawyer brain works the way it does and why knowing this is important if you want to reduce your stress level and get better at your job.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What “lawyer brain” is and how it differs from the brains of people in other professions.
  • Why lawyer brain tends to spin out of control and create unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • The real reason why lawyers are stressed out (it’s not what you think).
  • How the pressure of professional responsibility and competitive nature of the career contribute to the anxiety.
  • The three forms of lawyer brain we use in the legal career and how they can cause us to feel distressed.
  • Why there is nothing inherently wrong with your brain and how your thinking can be changed.

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About the author

Kara Loewentheilis a former litigator, academic, and think tank director who now runs a boutique life coaching practice for lawyers. As a certified cognitive life coach, her coaching work focuses on teaching lawyers how to reduce stress, improve time management, balance their workload and personal lives, and create a sustainable and enjoyable legal practice. Before launching her coaching practice Ms. Loewentheil ran the Public Rights / Private Conscience Project at Columbia Law School, held academic fellowships at Yale and Columbia, and litigated in state and federal court. Ms. Loewentheil clerked on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and is a cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School and Yale University.

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